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Show Critiques, Fever


NBSDC National Specialty, June 2014 (Jackie McAndie Hall, Niavana)

1st PGB : Hillside Gold Fever at Tintigny (Imp USA) 2 years female, good bone and substance, good body shape, good height at withers, needs to drop in chest; good tuck-up, slightly long in loin, balanced angles front and rear, slightly sloping croup. Excellent pick up, excellent neck arched & supple, proud head carriage. Head balanced, good proportions skull to muzzle, good length muzzle, well split, scissor bite slight dip to nose, nice chiselling under eyes. Eyes good shape would prefer more oblique set, ears are well positioned on head, good colour of coat, overlay coming in. Very typical attitude with good pick-up. Once in stride nice floating action, lacks drive behind so loses (?) a little. EXCELLENT

BSDA National Specialty August 2014 (Janet Biddlecombe, Tanje)

1st PGB : Hillside Gold Fever at Tintigny (Imp USA), 2 yr old feminine bitch, coat of good colour. Lovely balanced head scissor bite, slight roman nose; eye of good shape and colour, very alert expression, medium ears used well. Good length of neck, level topline balanced angulation beautiful square body shape, very exuberant temperament. Brisk side gait, moves well front & behind although little hard to assess. EXCELLENT

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