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Sandholm Continental of Tintigny
Ch Lance van de Hoge Laer x Timberhall Cleopatra Capri
Sandholm Continental of Tintigny, sire of the Tintigny Naughty Litter

For a very much missed friend until we meet again .....


The early years we laughed and played they seemed they'd never end,

my precious loyal loving and ever youthful friend.

To feel your breath against my face, your head upon my lap;

the soothing touch of thick long hair around my fingers wrapped.

The days are bleak without you and nights more empty still

I hear the words of time can heal but know it never will.

If only I'd your courage and your love of life to cope

yet all I have are lonely thoughts, no sense of future hope.

I know you're in a better place, at God's feet you wait for me

My Peter Pan and naughty friend, your spirit running free.

Loved ones already at the Rainbow Bridge will be your friendly guide

and on the day of reckoning, please Lord you’ll all be at my side.


Your adoring and heartbroken Mum, Teri xxx

Sandholm Continental of Tintigny, 5.5 years
Sandholm Continental of Tintigny at 2.5 years
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