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Show Critiques, Ch Midas

SKC, May 2012 (Yvonne Dudds, Cultlea)

4 year old red male, very expressive refined head with very good mask, lovely high set ears which he uses very well, lovely eye shape and colour, excellent body shape and outline, level topline, good croup, very good angulations, very good on the move, excellent temperament, delighted to award him CC and BOB


NBSDC National Specialty, June 2010 (Marion McIlherne, Xelbi)

2 years old, level bite, entire. Beautiful well balanced head, correct proportions, excellence chiselling, well split lips, good pigment, correct mask, good eye shape and colour. Well placed ears used well all the time. Lovely expression, really looks down his nose.Good front and rear angulation, good depth of chest, stands naturally four square. Good length of back, croup slightly sloping, slightly short tail but presenting a very harmonious picture.Good hind movement and side gait, slightly loose in front on move. Coat of correct colour and texture. Excellent. RCC


SKC, May 2010 (Jeff Luscott, Jalus)

Ch Domburg Check Me Out at Tintigny, loved excellent balance & shape on this alert & impressive young man, has style in head & body, the eye & ear set required, good neck, wither & topline, just starting to tone & mature well in body, has coat & moved with easy side action required to take class. CC & BOB


MANCHESTER, January 2010 (Nick Grosvenor)

Red of super type, balance & ring presence, still has more to come with full maturity. Pleases greatly in head, lovely eye shape & colour, well placed medium length ears, good split to mouth, well defined mask & good parallelism on refined but masculine skull, pleases in neck & wither definition & holds firm back line, good slope to croup & tailset, construction was most pleasing with good underline, sound straight limbs & neat feet, moved spot on & displayed an excellent brisk action in profile. Felt could not be denied in the challenge for the CC, his third


DARLINGTON, September 2009 (Irene Green, Iolair)

19 months entire red dog, scissor bite, good dark eye with nice almond shape, good mask. Lovely muzzle to skull ratio, good parallels, well chiselled head, medium ears well set and used well. Good reach of neck. Good angulation front and rear, good depth of chest, level topline flowing into nicely rounded croup. Once settled moved well. Overall presented a very typical example of the breed. A young dog with great future potential and I was pleased to award him CC & BOB

MIDLAND COUNTIES, October 2009 (Margy Pratten, Bergeau)

Beautiful very stylish young dog, excellent outline with proud stance, lovely flat skull & muzzle, good parallels, lovely dark eyes, well positioned, small, high set ears, good chiselling, good split to mouth, lovely typical sparkling expression, nice arched neck, level topline, high withers. Rather steep but balanced angulations. Good straight limbs, quality red coat with overlay, very good movement once into stride but can set off rather wide at rear, excellent outgoing character. Did not move quite so well in the challenge. RCC


WINDSOR, July 2009 (Janet Biddlecombe, Tanje)

Outstanding young male who I have admired since I first saw him as a puppy and his whole demeanour as he entered the ring today certainly caught my attention. Beautifully balanced head with super expression. Medium eye of good shape. Small ears used constantly. Excellent proud neck carriage which is accentuated when he tucks his chin in and looks down his nose. Balanced angulation, short hard back and good underline giving such a harmonious picture. Nice neat feet. In excellent coat and condition. Very steady mover, a little narrow in front at this stage, with beautiful side gait. Excellent temperament. Well deserved CC


EAST OF ENGLAND, July 2009 (Janice Clifford, Ebontide)

Lovely head and expression, medium brown eyes. Long muzzle, well chiselled but nose slightly roman. Stands square with moderate angulations, lovely arched neck, croup slightly sloping. Moved well. RCC


SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB, May 2009 (Debbie Stansbury, Woodbriar)

Dog of the type I think fits the Standard, long chiselled head, dark almond eye, medium high set ears, good length & crest of neck, level backline, straight front legs, moderate angles, square body shape, moved with typical brisk gait, covered ground in profile  RCC

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