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Our First Tervueren

Ailort Arpeggio of Tintigny
Leircote Agnar of Munark x Sunninglye Lalinca of Ailort

Porsche, our introduction to this beautiful breed and no better start could we have wished for. From the outset she had a sweet, endearing nature and in addition to being a wonderful family companion had an almost maternal instinct to other doggy additions to the household - never showing any dominance or jealousy - but she firmly maintained her position on the bed, sofa and more importantly on Dad's lap.


Thank you Porsche for 14 wonderful years. Sleep well precious girl, reunited with Cosworth - your dearest friend

Our first BSD Tervueren girl, Porsche
Timberhall Cosworth of Tintigny
Ch Timberhall Rampant Riley x Timberhall Scimitar
Cosworth, our first Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervueren

Our ‘turbo-charged-tarmac-scorcher’ forever loved and missed, now restored to health and vigour, terrorising the canine population in the sky and entertaining the Angels.


Sleep well my precious, special boy and keep me in your thoughts

live in my heart and memory for all time.

We'll meet again in happier days when life's short battle's fought,

Good night, God bless - the morning will be fine.


Love always, Mum x

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