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Ch Tintigny Making Mayhem

Sandholm Continental of Tintigny x Domburg Out of Africa into Tintigny  DoB 24/04/04


Our ultra precious girl departed this mortal coil on 5th September 2018, at almost 14.5 years of age.  When she left us a huge part of our hearts went too.  This beautiful soul, inside and out, fulfilled all of our dreams most importantly as a dear friend and soulmate but also as a show girl.  Some of the most respected doyennes in our breed rated her very highly, indeed among the greats.  She was a dream come true that went on to fullfil many more dreams.  Sleep tight our special friend, life without you will never be the same again.


Mayhem, what can we say!  She wowed us at a mere 4.5 weeks and has continued to do so every day of her precious life.  Teri's dearest, adored and adoring companion, daughter of our beloved Bentley and our sweetest Africa. Even had she never been shown she was destined to stay on with us from the litter. There was a special connection with her from such a young age and her beauty even as a very raw puppy radiated from her.

Lightly shown, her undeniable breed type and exquisite movement ensured both early and sustained success. It is our privilege and pleasure to be not only her breeders but her exceptionally fortunate owners.

Ch Tintigny Making Mayhem, BOB & BIS all 4 Varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dogs, twice BVIS all four varieties
BOB & Best in Show all BSD Varieties, NBSDC
Crufts CC & BOS
8 x CC, 5 x BOB, 5 x RCC
3 BVIS all BSD Varieties, 2 x NBSDC, 1 x BSDA of GB
  • BVIS, BSDA August '14 - Janet Biddlecombe, (Tanje)

  • BVIS, NBSDC June '14 - Jacky MacAndie (Niavana) 

  • RCC SKC May '12 - Yvonne Dudds (Cultlea)

  • CC & BOB SWKA October 2011 - Jenny Eaves (Talamo)
    RCC Leeds Ch Show July ‘11 - Jean Turnbull (Jenkova)

  • CC & BOB Norbel Ch show June '11 -  Tish Gaffey (Foryd)

  • BEST IN SHOW & BVIS Norbel '11 - Yvonne Dudds (Cultlea)

  • CC & BOS CRUFTS March  '11 - Linda Lester (Domburg)

  • CC & BOB East of England July ‘09 - Janice Clifford (Ebontide)

  • RCC Windsor July ‘09 - Janet Biddlecombe (Tanje)

  • RCC Manchester Jan ‘09 - Kay Morris (Cairbar)

  • CC W&PBAS Nov ‘08 - Paul Lawless (Revloch)

  • RCC W&PBAS Nov ‘07 - Lynda McNamara (Kehala)

  • CC & BOB Midland Cos Oct ‘07 - Kris Malinowski (Lykos)

  • CC NW&PB July ‘07 - Linda Collins (Domburg)

  • CC & BOB W&PBAS Nov ‘06 - Jacky MacAndie (Niavana)

  • BB & BOS NBSDC May ‘06 - Irene Green (Iolair)

Ch Tintigny Making Mayhem, enjoying well earned retirement at home

Mayhem is now officially retired from the show ring having more than earned her place with a record of success we could previously only have ever dreamed of. She is Teri's life, love and constant companion, a true blessing, just like her precious dad Bentley

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