Show Critiques, Memphis

Darlington Ch Show,  17/09/2022

PD, 1st Niavana Quite Simply Tintigny *** 8 month puppy dog of excellent type. Really liked this young man, he took my eye as soon as he came into the ring. Excellent overall square body with lovely flowing lines both from his withers to his tailset and his underline. Excellent head of good proportions and length of muzzle. Good dark eye of excellent shape and obliquely set. Small triangular ears which are well set and used constantly. Correct dentition with scissor bite. Lovely reach of neck, good height at the withers. His depth of chest is already developing well and he stood very well with good angulations front and rear. He was a little loose on the move but covered the ground well. He was very well presented, has a super temperament and  I think would have shown all day. Very pleased to award him Best Puppy and I shall be monitoring his progress closely

Trevor Wheeler, (Judge), Grondemon

NBSDC National Specialty, 31/07/2022

1st MPD, BPIB :  6 months, good size for age. Expressive head, good muzzle and skull, minimum stop, nice dark eye. Complete scissor bite, well pigmented lips, ears well set, nice top-line, chest of good form, well angulated. Moves well for age, nice coat, VERY PROMISING

Dirk Spruyt, (Judge), Belgium


6 month old male with good bone for age, long well balanced head with oblique almond eyes, typical expression, tall ears well set and used, excellent length of neck, profuse coat of good texture. Well angulated shoulder and rear giving balanced easy movement, lovely puppy

Kay Morris, (Judge) Cairbar

BSDA National Specialty, 30/07/2022

1st MPD, BPIB :  6 months old, complete scissor bite, very good pigmentation, very good type with lovely expression, straight muzzle, minimum stop, skull has to become a bit more flat, dark almond shaped eye, small ears very highly placed, nice neck, square build with excellent topline and croup slightly sloping. Needs to develop more in front, still a bit narrow and elbows slightly turned out. Good depth of chest, well angled in front and rear. Good pasterns and nice cat feet. Good coat and undercoat, nice temperament. On the move covers enough ground, moves with drive, still narrow in front and turns out elbows, good tail, VERY PROMISING

Myriam Vermeire (Judge), Belgium

Went on to win BPIS under Colin Munro (Groeneveld)